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Reader's Workshop Ideas

Many children, specifically those who are non-verbal, need additional reinforcement to learn language, as they can not verbally repeat sounds, songs, and stories.  All children should be presented with words written on boards as well as picture communication symbols in both small group and whole group settings, resulting in deeper literacy skills for all children.

        Reading Books on the Computer 
In an effort to help all students be able to choose and read books independently, we have created books on the computer using Classroom Suite. Students can scan using one or two switches through various choices of genres and then books within the selected genre. Students select the book they wish to read and then can read it with or with out auditory feedback.


 Students scan alone or with a partner.


  You begin with a main page
  of 20 different "book bins"
  or genres of literature.


  After the desired genre 
  is selected, books from that 
  genre appear.


 Students read the book via  
  the computer, turning pages
  with a light tap of the switch.

                  Memory Games

These game cards are used to play memory and various other literacy games.  Each card contains a picture as well as text in order to reinforce 1:1 correspondance as well as using both pictures and text when reading.

The cards are created using sanded pieces of wood, foam and laminated pouches.  This makes changing the game as simple as sliding new cards into each pouch.  The cards are also more substantial than laminated paper and are therefore easier for every child to manipulate.

                          Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo is a game created with the intention of building phonemic awareness as well as to familiarize children with the hook words from the wordwall.  The pictures are the exact photos taken from both the word wall and alphabet chart within the classroom.

The pieces are made from meduim sized cubes that are easier for children to grasp.  They are fixed to the board with velcro so that children with a variety of motor abilities can play without knocking pieces off of the board.

                                            Page Turners

Grabbing and turning the pages of books can be very difficult for many children. We created page turners that are available to every child. They are made of a tacky material called Dysem that does not stick to the pages of the books.


Page Turners velcro around the child's hand and with a large motion of the arm helps to turn pages.  This is perfect for children who rely on gross motor control as opposed to fine motor control.

Copyright 2005 Mia Kargen and Lisa Pomerantz. All rights reserved.